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Saving Cyclist’s Lives

Our hi-vis jerseys help you stay visible when you ride and our stickers remind everyone to give us space when passing.


Our Mission

3 Feet Please was founded in 2008 out of frustration with vehicle drivers ignoring the rights of cyclists on the road. 34 States have now passed laws requiring at least three feet when passing a cyclist. Pennsylvania currently has a four foot law (good for them!). But, the laws are too often ignored. Help us educate drivers and enlist the support of law enforcement to help keep cyclists safe!

Our Jerseys

Can you see me now?

Vibrant colored jerseys for better visibility on the road.

Our jerseys are designed to be seen. We constantly get comments from cyclists and drivers that our jerseys really stick out. That’s the idea.

Be Seen!

Send us a picture of you in your 3 Feet Please apparel and we’ll make you famous! Well, sort of…

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